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Our Alumni

Welcome to William Temple House's Alumni!

It might be that you were a resident recently or many years ago - either way you will always stay a valued former resident of the House and the WTH Community!

Many of our alumni have stayed in the UK but also left to their home countries or traveled abroad to start a new chapter in their lives. We would love to make sure we stay connected and hopefully see you all soon!

If you would like to be part of the William Temple House Alumni network, receive news from the House and invitations to alumni residents' events and activities, please join us below and we will be in touch!

*We take the data protection of your personal information very seriously. We treat your personal information as confidential and will handle it in accordance with data protection legislation. We ask for some of your personal information in order to stay in touch, but we won't share it with any third parties. If you would like to stop receiving any updates from us or would like to be removed from the Alumni community at any point, feel free to email us directly.

Benefits of becoming a member


Many of our alumni have gone on to achieve extraordinary things all around the world and we would love to hear from you how you have been, what you have been up to. By becoming the member of the Alumni Community, we will be able to share memories with each other and also invite you to our annual events.


As valued former resident of the House, we offer our alumni priority short-term summer accommodation (subject to availability). Simply email us with the dates you are planning to visit us, and we will try our best to offer you a space. 

Also if you recommend any long-term applicants (friends, family, etc), we will consider your recommendation during the application process. 


As a dear former resident of the House, if you would like to become an Ambassador by helping us to reconnect with Alumni members, sharing our social media posts or helping to organise gatherings, let us know!


You will also receive annual newsletters of the latest updates of the House, including resident's activities, building projects, etc. 


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